Many of our clients think we’re the best accountants in Chicago. Read what they have to say about TaxCutters:

This is my second year coming here. The service is excellent and the people are very good. TaxCutters has the best service in Chicago.
John Mall
This is my second year coming here. The service is excellent and the people are very good. TaxCutters has the best service in Chicago. Last year my former accountant told me I would owe the government money and his $1,110 filing rate. Well, thank God I saw TaxCutters’ sign that day and decided to stop in. Within 5 minutes Asif advised me that I would be receiving a sizeable return [because he found some hidden deductions] and that his fee would be lower! Needless to say, I went from being stressed out and broke to treating my family to a nice dinner that night.
Jeffrey Jensen
I like your way of conducting business—just great. You are blessed.
Haji Hanif
Thanks very much for your help, great people to do business with, you’ve been doing my personal taxes and my two corporation taxes for the last ten years. I’m really happy with the services and with all the staff. During the last ten years I’ve sent many people to have their taxes done at your office and they’re all happy. Keep up the good job, I always recommend you.
Lina Elakhaoui
I wanted to let you know that my tax preparation experience was just wonderful. This is my third year of having your firm prepare my taxes and I could not be more satisfied. Keep up the great work!
Michelle Johnson
My wife and I had a terrible (read: TERRIBLE) experience last year with [National Tax Franchise]. I will never, ever go back to them. We made sure to file early—at the beginning of February—so that we could get our 1st time buyers tax refund as soon as possible. Since we were getting married in May, we were counting on that money to pay for our honeymoon. We were assured we would receive the money in plenty of time. Turns out, they had misfiled our taxes somehow and we had to go back in March to re-file. No worries, we were assured, we would still receive the credit in plenty of time.

Our credit did not come before our wedding. In fact, when we returned from our honeymoon, we were greeted with a letter from the IRS stating a form was missing from our taxes and we would need to refile again. We didn’t end up getting our refund until July. [National Tax Franchise] refused to admit they had made a mistake, blamed the government and refused to refund the $125 we had spent with them. We vowed to never go back to [National Tax Franchise].

My wife, a meticulous user of the interwebs, found Tax Cutters through a Google search. You were local, she liked the look of your website and, most importantly, you were not [National Tax Franchise].

Upon our arrival, we liked the hands on approach you took (when I say “you”, I mean the gentleman who was greeting customers and guiding his staff through the challenges of filing various customers taxes…I assume that was you, Asif. I seem to remember that being your name) and we found the woman who took care of our taxes to be quite knowledgeable and courteous. She explained that due to the misfiling last year, there was a possibility I might have to come back in and mail the forms myself. That turned out to be the case and the next morning I was contacted. Upon my return to the office I was in and out in less than 5 minutes and a bearded gentleman assisted me with that process. I did not catch his name.

Krishni and I, upon leaving your store the 1st day, commented that we would definitely be back the next year; we were clearly impressed by your operation and have no complaints whatsoever. In fact, when I returned the 2nd day, you were walking around the office with someone who I assumed to be some sort of office designer giving you tips on how to make your office more presentable. I continued to like your attention to detail. I can say that we will be back next year as long as we are still in the area. And since we own our home, I imagine we will be!

Thank you again and I hope this helps and was not too long winded.
Michael Jacklich
We are really pleased with your work and we appreciate every effort you put in for us. We trust you and your company to the fullest and cannot see ourselves doing our taxes anywhere else but with you. Thank you for taking care of our needs on your most busiest times. Again we look forward to seeing you every year.
Fahad Khalid
I was given very good service and I very much like my tax refund.
Ron Kinsor
Even if I had not sent you a written thank you, you should know how satisfied we are with you and your colleagues at TaxCutters. We not only get professional service, but your warmth and deep involvement with the client really makes us feel at home. We really appreciate that and wish you ever-growing success. Thank you again.
Ferdous and Mahtaban Chowdhury
I truly appreciate the work you have done for me throughout the years and I would love to continue working with you. Keep up the good work and good luck with your business.
Krassimira Popova
Very good service, always fast service.
Benjamin Owen
I have been with Asif for about 20 years—even before he started out by himself. Asif is thoroughly professional and the best at what he does. He cuts taxes more than other guys I know plus he has a very big heart.
Babatunde Taiwo
…instead of telling a long story, I will use a few words to describe my experience at your office: 10+ out of 10, excellent!
Fareed Leatherwala
Thank you very much, I am very satisfied with all the service I have received from your staff. I always refer people to you.
Osman Ismail
Hello there, Mr. Asif, Esteban Salcedo here. Thanks a lot for doing a good job with my tax returns… I couldn’t have done better. In times like these I need people I can count on and you and your staff are really dependable people. I hope to do business with you in the years to come. Keep up the good work…and see you next year.
Esteban “Steve” U. Salcedo Jr.
I am very happy with the work that Irfan did and I appreciate his help.
Amir Al Abosy
I was introduced to you by a friend over 3 years ago, and since then you’ve been doing my tax return. I like your quick service and polite personnel. Therefore you’ll be seeing me in the coming years. Take care, and keep up the good work.
Pearl Levy
I’ll just say that it is so worth the 90 minute drive. Thank you again for your quick response (unlike mine) in working out my taxes and now my corporation.
Masoud Rad
Thank you so much for turning my piles into returns. You were able to tackle my stack of miscellaneous notes, docs and memos and turn them into a respectable return. Additionally, discussing my options for refiling a previous year were appreciated. You helped me weigh my options and clear up any questions I had about moving forward. Thank you for all your hard work and diligence.
Kimberly Frost
The person who did my taxes this year was really good just like everyone in your office every year I go. She told me I could have the payment deducted from my checking account and just asked for a check to get the routing and account numbers. When I told her I’ll have a fairly low balance for a few days, she was able to post-date the check and that worked perfectly. Great job, I always have accurate work done, super fast, every time.
Edward Mann
Thanks a lot for all your help in filing my taxes, you and your people are very professional, kind and good at what you all are doing.
Mohamed Ali Khan
It was a great experience working with you. You gave excellent service and I and my family thank you for that.
Shazia Jawaid
I have got warm assistance from your office during this year’s tax filing. I got a refund larger than my expectation. Keep on giving better services forever, our blesses are always with you.
Jitendra B Rana
It is an honor to have TaxCutters do our taxes. We deeply appreciate having you do everything to give us every penny we deserve without a hassle. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Syed Mohammad Pervez
Jeff and I appreciate the helpfulness of your staff. Your staff is very thorough and patient.
Maria Zeimet
I and my whole family thank you for guiding us through tax preparation. Your staff is a diamond in the rough. God bless you all.
The Macwan family
I’ve been coming to you for many years now and every year I’ve been very satisfied and happy with your services. Your knowledge of rules and regulations and customer service is beyond expectations. You take your time and look at every single detail every time I’m in your office. You answer all of my questions and clarify every single point patiently and you never rush me. No matter what time of the year or what time of the day I can count on you to answer any questions that I might have. You make sure that I get back what I deserve and benefit the most out of my tax return.

I want to thank you for all your help and services in filing tax returns on my personal and corporation account.
Ali Tazangi
The overall experience was positive. The staff was quick to respond and I got 3 of my returns done in just couple of days even though I am abroad. We will be using your services in the future. Thanks!
Ali Hashm
Of course you guys have been great; that is why I bring all my business to you for all these years (at least 10 years if not more) – personal and business. Your team members are very professional and responsive. I look forward to many more years.
Yittayih Zelalem
Thank you for the services that you have provided for us. You and your company make every tax season stress free for me. Keep up the good work.
Khalid S. Uddin
Thank you for the service it was excellent, I’ll see you next year.
Kanan Khilfeh
I’m happy with your services and I ‘ll recommend your business to people. I’ll be back next year. Good luck!!!
Grace J. Czachor
I have been coming to you for over 10 years. So far my experience has been excellent with you. Keep up the good work!
Anil Sahay
I am very satisfied with your service. In the past I’ve changed my CPA, but you are my final. I am very happy with your service and in future I will give you more business. Thanks & regards.
Azhar Abbas
I had a good experience with your staff member. She was very professional and knew exactly what she was doing. She took time to ask me relevant questions pertaining to my taxes and used the information I gave her to help me get every legal deductions due me. I forgot to include taxes I paid late last year on a used car I bought for college but thanks to her inquiry about my taxes I was able to get some money back on the purchase. I must say I got a good tax return this year and I owe this you and your staff. Thanks.
Joseph Afreh
It’s been a pleasure to talk to you every year! I am very much satisfied with your work and your staff. Thank you again. My best regards to you and all your staff.
Shaikh Nadeem Sultan
The best in town….friendly…and fast…
Elizabeth Sugiyama
Respectful, diligent, and good service at a low price. I have been doing my tax return here for more than five years.
Haile (business owner)
Everything is excellent. What you have done for me has been perfect.
Habibollah Taravat
I have been going to TaxCutters, Inc. for three years and their service is excellent–not enough words to explain.
Waheed Azam
Taxcutters give us good service every year.
Ziauddin Qazi
I get the best help from TaxCutters, Inc. I have been a client for 5 years.
Muhammad Ali (business owner)
Very good service is the reason I have been coming here for over 8 years.
Karim Fraoucene
Your service is great and you are very efficient.
Iqbal Ahmed
Taxcutters provided me excellent, fast and friendly service at a reasonable cost.
Shujah ul Hasan
Taxcutters are professional accountants who explain you your tax matters in detail. I have been with them for over 7 years now and find them to be hard working and reliable service providers.
Bala Ghimere
The service is always very very good. We are very satisfied. Whenever we have a question we get an answer on time and it is the right answer. Please keep it up.
Syed K. Shah
I been using Taxcutters regarding tax matters and all accounting-related matters. They are very professional and talented and always give me recommendations to save money on taxes. I highly encourage others to use Taxcutters for their accountant and tax-related matters.
Imran Yousuf (IT consultant)
I always find the best assistance and service from Taxcutters.
Iqbal Hashmi (business owner)
Excellent service, on time, very polite and cooperative people I get 100% customer service, great people very professional.
Jamal Nather (taxi operator)
Excellent, very professional and friendly.
Syed Halil Rahman (student)
I have been getting service from Taxcutters since 2001. They do all my accounting work very honestly. I am very satisfied with their services provided to me. They charge me very reasonably.
Dalwinder Singh (gas station owner)
[TaxCutters provides] fast and reliable service from professionals with a very welcoming attitude.
Arben Latifi
Taxcutters, Inc. have been preparing my taxes for the past 10 years. I am very happy with the job they do for me.
Jubrail Pedro
Asif and his staff are very knowledgeable and courteous. [TaxCutters is] a great place to do taxes.
Ed M. (analyst)
We have been doing business with TaxCutters for over 6 years. We’ve always found them to be friendly and professional.
Mohammed Haroon (gas station owner)


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