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Need help with your income tax in Chicago or elsewhere?  Accountants at TaxCutters are prepared to get the job done.  Getting your tax return done on time and accurate doesn’t have to be a “taxing” experience. Nor should you be treated like a number. All the documents involved are very private and we respect you as an individual. In addition, the tax laws here in the United States are some of the most complicated in the world. Our job is to help simplify this for you and to know you well enough to make sure you don’t pay one dollar more than you should.

Here is what it is like to work with us:

You’ll Save Money

  • Our fee’s are lower than any other National Tax Preparation Service. How do we do this? We have over 16 years of experience in tax preparation and we don’t waste time. We’re organized.
  • We do spend countless hours staying up to date with all the changes in the Federal and State tax laws. Therefore, we know what we are doing and can quickly identify the tax savings available to you.
  • We will File your tax return electronically, for Free.
  • We also review your previous years returns for accuracy for free.

You’ll Save Time

  • With a quick review of our check list you’ll know exactly what to bring for a fast return.
  • We provide you with a No Wait drop off service.
  • We promise the biggest and Fastest Refund allowed by the IRS.
  • We Offer Same Day Tax Preparation.

You’ll Have Piece of Mind

  • We Guarantee your return is accurate.
  • We are open all year long and if you do get a Nasty IRS Letter, you’ll know where to go for help.
  • We prepare returns for Individuals and Corporations in All 50 States, we know our business.

How Do You Know We Are Right For Your Tax Situation?

  • You are an Employed or Self Employed Individual or Married Tax Payer.
  • You are a commissioned Sales Person.
  • You are a Small Business Owner.
  • You have a Corporation.
  • You want to start a New Business.
  • You want Peace Of Mind Tax Services

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Guidelines for Income Tax Preparation

Income tax is something that most people have to go through at some point in the year. Not being prepared beforehand can be the cause of a number of losses. Income tax preparation is absolutely necessary for efficiently managed taxation. Anyone who receives of any sort of income is applicable to these taxes. There are a number of online income tax preparation and free income tax preparation services available.

Income Tax Preparation usually requires information about:
• Personal Data like social security number, alimony, etc.
• Employment and Unemployment history
• Expenses
• Financial assets and liabilities
Here are a few guidelines for transitioning into smooth income tax preparation.

Time Your Taxes
Income tax preparation is efficiently done if you invest some time and effort in filling the complicated forms beforehand. Managing your income tax returns with the help of an accountant at the right time saves you from the fatigue and issues caused by last minute income tax preparation.

Choose the Right Form
Income tax preparation deals with the selection of the right form. Depending on the modes of income, there are a number of forms available for the filing of income tax returns. Every person who receives an income through any medium is usually applicable to the basic 1040 form. This form is common to all modes of income if the annual income is greater than $50,000.
Further branching out of this form has 1040EZ and 1040A for income tax preparation, where the EZ option is for single people who live without dependents and A is for people who have an income that is less than $50,000.

Online Income Tax Preparation
If your job or business has made you good at calculating taxes efficiently, then you can opt for an online income tax preparation software. This allows you to file tax returns in a convenient, economical and quick manner. There are a number of efficient software available online; choosing the right one depends on the requirements of your forms.

Serviced Income Tax Preparation
There are a number of services that can be hired for income tax preparation if you feel that you cannot manage all the numbers and paperwork. These tax preparers charge a fee for their services but are highly efficient in the performance of task return filing tasks.

Income tax preparation is one task that can cause many headaches to most people. Some people can opt for free income tax preparation services, but it is always better to be on the safe side by having a professional team by your side to tackle complications raised by the IRS.
Income Tax Preparer


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