Illinois Sales Tax Audit

Are you being audited by the Illinois Department of Revenue?

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  • Are you aware of all your exposures or your errors?
  • Can you trust your lawyer’s or accountant’s knowledge of Illinois retailers, service occupation tax and use tax laws?
  • Does your lawyer or accountant have the necessary training to understand all the complexities of these tax rules, and can he/she give you accurate advice?
  • Did you know that an audit by an Illinois Department of Revenue auditor can be a costly experience?
  • Are you aware that the main criteria of an Illinois state auditor’s quarterly or annual performance reviews is his/her audit production, which is based on the amount of dollars recovered?
  • Do you know how the Illinois Department of Revenue selects taxpayers for an audit?

We have the answers and we will help you!

Our office has the most talented and experienced accountants, with more than 35 years of combined administrative and practical experience working with the Illinois Department of Revenue. We offer our services to assist you with any anticipated or current audit with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Our work includes, but is not limited to pre-auditing of your business documents before you submit them to the Revenue auditor. In other words, we give you the opportunity to correct your errors and protect you from any potential liability and interest that will be assessed by a Revenue auditor.

Avoid the costly mistake of having a state auditor examine your business records without our assistance. Don’t trust auditors that say they are examining your business records for compliance only “Compliance” refers to the capitalization of your minor errors, which can generate large amounts of additional tax liability plus interest and penalty.

Our goal is to protect you from a few corrective errors which will be used against you by the Illinois Department of Revenue or any local Revenue agency.

Our fees are very reasonable and you will be happy to have us on your side.

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Illinois Sales Tax

Sales tax is the charge that is placed on the purchase of services and goods. Usually, they consist of “user” tax, that is to be paid by a purchaser, and “occupation tax”, that is to be paid by the seller. The Illinois Sales Tax refers to a combination of four tax acts;

  1. Retailers’ Occupation Tax
  2. Use Tax
  3. Service Occupation Tax
  4. Service Use Tax

The Illinois Department of Revenue is responsible for the implementation of the Illinois Sales Tax. Each of these taxes has different rates that have shown a change in numbers over the past few years.

Golden Rules for Managing Sales Tax Audit

Filing and managing sales tax returns is a time consuming and complex task in every business, be it small or big. Sometimes, a single mistake can cause teams like IRS to pounce on you. The government maintains regular monitoring of tax payments, which is why at some point in your business; you may come across a visit from an auditor for sales tax audit.

Here are few golden rules for managing a sales tax audit:

Be Prepared for a Sales Tax Audit
Compliance Documentation
Double Check Records
Manage Access to Sales Tax Auditor


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