Month: August 2016

Go for the Gold

For awhile there, it looked like the just-concluded Rio Olympics would be a carnival of chaos. Golfers boycotting to avoid the Zika virus? Check. Swimmers making their way through raw sewage? Check. And those were just the disasters we anticipated before the opening ceremonies! Who could have predicted divers splashing into a pool of green water, or …

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FRIENDLY REMINDER- Corporate Tax Returns Due on September 15th

Vadaria Group CPA, formerly knows as  TaxCutters, has been the leading expert on tax planning strategies and Illinois Sales Tax Audit for Small Business for more than 20 years. We wanted to let you know, in case you were not already aware, of an upcoming tax return, interest and penalties due.  This due date applies …

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Up in Smoke

The Mafia. The Mob. La Cosa Nostra. Call it what you will, this “certain Italian-American subculture” has a long and storied history. Mobsters like Al Capone, Henry Hill, and John Gotti have become folk heroes of a certain sociopathic sort. Fictional mobsters make special guest appearances alongside pop culture icons — witness The Simpsons’ “Fat …

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