IRS Extends 2012 Tax Deadline to April 17th

Attention, taxpayers! Yesterday the IRS announced that they are extending the tax deadline to April 17th, 2012. You have two extra days to file your tax return this year, and you may thank Abraham Lincoln.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Since 2005, Washington DC has officially celebrated a holiday called Emancipation Day.  The holiday is in commemoration of Abraham Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves in District of Columbia on April 16th, 1862.

The IRS treats District of Columbia holidays the same as federal holidays as far as taxes are concerned. The regular tax deadline–April 15th–falls on a Sunday.  Because Monday, April 16th is a holiday in Washington DC, April 17th is now the federal tax deadline.

If the two extra days still aren’t enough time for you, be sure to file an extension.  If you request an extension, your tax deadline will then be October 15th, 2012.

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